Local Electrician in Slough | Improving Safety and Security with Smart Homes and Other Services

If you want to enhance safety and security at your home or commercial premises, don’t overlook electrical work. Our local electricians offer a range of services to make existing properties safer. We can also help control and monitor the people accessing your property in Slough or the surrounding areas.

iSparky offers everything from electrical testing and fault finding to smart home and AV home entertainment installations. In this guide, we explain how our services can keep you safe and secure. Contact us to find out more about what we do.

Our services include:

  • Electrical Testing

  • Security Systems

  • Fault Finding and Repairs

  • Rewiring and Upgrades

  • Smart Homes

  • Safety Systems

Electrical Testing

Our team tests existing electrics to ensure they are safe and up to current standards. This includes EICR testing for landlords, homeowners and business owners in Slough.

Security Systems

We can fit a range of security systems for added protection and peace of mind. This includes CCTV and alarm systems. We also install security and emergency lighting. Security systems can form part of a smart home or AV home entertainment installation, giving you remote access and control of compatible security features.

Fault Finding and Repairs

Electrical faults can be dangerous and even deadly. To minimise risks, our local electricians find and repair faults, preventing electric shocks, electrical fires and injury.

Rewiring and Upgrades

Old electrics might not meet current regulations and can put people and property at risk. To make your property in Slough safer for everyone, we complete full or partial rewires and consumer unit upgrades. These electrical services also improve function.

Smart Homes

A smart home is more than immersive AV home entertainment and effortless control of lighting and heating. Smart technology can also enhance home or business security. For example, with a smart CCTV system, you can monitor your property from any location. Likewise, a smart doorbell allows you to see and speak to people at your door without opening it, or even if you aren’t home.

Safety Systems

Smoke alarms alert you quickly to the presence of smoke and potentially a fire, so you can act quickly to minimise damage or injury. Our local electricians in the Slough area also install and maintain emergency lighting to illuminate escape routes in the event of a power outage.

Call iSparky on 01628 857755 or 07833 467349 to speak to a domestic or commercial electrician in the Slough area.