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The importance of electrical earth and bonding

Isparky Electrical Services

Why on earth does my bonding need checking? Have you decided to have additional electrical socket outlets, new lighting points, a new circuit installed (such as an electric shower) or any alterations to electrical circuits in your home? If so a NAPIT registered electrician is required, prior to starting work, to verify the earthing and… Read more »

RCDs Explained

What is a residual current device (RCD)? An RCD a safety device that automatically switches off the electricity if there is a fault. It’s far more sensitive than normal fuses and circuit breakers. It can be a lifesaver, reacting quickly to prevent electricity causing a fatal shock. An RCD constantly monitors the electric current flowing… Read more »

Marshall-Tufflex Boiler Management Systems intelligently control the cycling of boilers to maximise their efficiency

This reduces unnecessary boiler firing during low load conditions, known as dry cycling, whilst still delivering the heat and hot water levels needed. How does it work? The principle of variable thermal response is used to achieve energy savings and two electronic sensors are fitted to the flow and return pipes of the boiler. Central… Read more »